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Posted By: Alex Major, 10th September 2015 Tags: BEER

Craft beer has been enjoying a revival over the last few years, with more craft breweries in the UK than ever, the industry is currently at an 80 year high.  This is in contrast to stories of the pub industry being under stress, with more pubs closing than ever.  There are lots of reasons for this disparity, I believe pubs have needed to change; people expect more in terms of product quality and range, some pubs haven’t managed to keep up, others have provided the products, but forgotten the people.


For us, it’s a great opportunity to put the beer and the people centre-stage.  We explore the British beer scene every day looking for new and interesting brews, and we want people to explore with us when they come to the pub – what better way to get to know the staff than when they’re helping you to get to know the beers and food, helping you to make your visit to the pub a bit more fun?

We’ve built some great relationships with our breweries as we’ve worked with them to make beer more exciting and interesting.  One of the treats of the last month or so has been to create our own beer with the Celt Experience brewery on the fabulously-named Pontgywindy Road in Caerphilly.  We wanted a fitting way to celebrate our second birthday at the Famous Royal Navy Volunteer and our new pub, the Nettle & Rye, and what better way than creating your own brew?

There was much debate over the style of beer we wanted to create, with all kinds of exotic brew suggested.  In the end, we decided that a good session beer satisfied the widest range of tastes and specified mosaic as the hop for the job.  So with little more than a hop and general style in mind, we dispatched a few of the team to Tom and Becky Newman at the Celt Experience to get to work.

I wouldn’t expect you to believe me if I said we went to a brewery and worked flat out all day – a trip to the salt mines it very much wasn’t!  But Tom and Becky’s hospitality aside, we did manage to put in enough work to come up with a superb brew to bring back to the Volley and Nettle faithful.

The result, which is currently available at all good beer pumps, is Nobilis: a 4.5% pale ale with mosaic, centennial and citra hops.  Fruity with hints of mango, tropical fruits and citrus, it’s a brew to remind you of summer days as you prop up one of the bars and bemoan the impending Christmas bustle. 

We recommend you take one last sip of summer before the tinsel season descends.



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