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Bristol Good Food Awards Highly Commended Sunday Lunch


London Founded 2012

About Us
We at Partizan relish diversity. We delight in the cultural richness of our surroundings here in London, with its myriad ethnicities, languages and traditions. A city, fueled by passionate, creative and enterprising people, drawing on a wealth of strands of history and identity, filled with excitement to create anew. We consider ourselves very much in the bosom of a modern Babylon where inspiration and individual flair combine to breed innovation. Hence the name 'Partizan' - a strong belief in the preservation of identity and knowledge of the great strength and beauty that lies in the juxtaposed co-existence of differing ideas and ideals. It is perhaps a better time than ever to be making beer! The last two decades have seen the development of thriving and burgeoning scenes the world over, populated by those who, as independents, wanted to take control of what the people of their communities were eating and drinking; to offer an alternative to big brands and the bland sterility of homogenization. In so many ways this involved a look to the past, to a time when people invested themselves fully in hand driven pursuits, producing with pride and precision the consumables that not only nourished physically, but excited the taste buds. The recent food and drink revolution has led to a wonderfully diverse international community of producers who are fiercely dedicated to making things that can offer the same to the modern consumer.

8 Almond Rd, London SE16 3LR

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Porter Keg logo

Porter Keg

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Pale Ale bottled logo

Pale Ale bottled

Pale Ale
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Lemongrass Saison Keg logo

Lemongrass Saison Keg

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Lemon & Thyme Saison Bottled logo

Lemon & Thyme Saison Bottled

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Indian Pale Ale Bottled logo

Indian Pale Ale Bottled

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Stout Keg logo

Stout Keg

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Partizan Pale logo

Partizan Pale

Pale ale
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Partizan IPA logo

Partizan IPA

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Amarillo Simcoe logo

Amarillo Simcoe

Pale Ale | Keg
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El Jefe logo

El Jefe

Pale | Keg
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